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If you register as a Dealer with all the required credentials, you may bid on any equipment listed on our site. If you register as a Non-Dealer buyer, you may only bid on equipment sold without a salvage title. Seller registration allows you to sell equipment on this site upon approval. Sellers are not able to submit bids on any equipment. All Sellers must also register as a buyer to submit a bid for any equipment.

Bidding Process

  1. Register as a Dealer or Non-Dealer buyer to submit a bid
  2. All registration requests must be approved before a bid may be submitted
  3. By placing a bid, you acknowledge that your bid is binding and have read our "Terms and Conditions"
  4. Dates are clearly posted for each item up for bid detailing the last date bids will be accepted.
  5. Winning bidders will be notified in writing and contacted by the seller representative.

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